How we met

It’s a common question: How did you meet?

We have a common answer: We met in a bar.

OK, I can do better than that.

I was serving drinks from behind the bar, the humidity of the end of summer in Philadelphia was wafting up the stairs and making the cigar smoke stick even heavier to everything it touched.  The new college semester had recently started, maybe it was Parents Weekend and that’s why the cigar bar where I was working and the neighboring high-end restaurants were so busy.  

A guy in a tuxedo comes up to the bar – a young guy…a HOT young guy (!!!! we didn’t get many of those at the cigar bar) – and lets me know that he works at the restaurant across the street; he has a table of women who are loving his lemon drop martinis, but he just ran out of citrus vodka to make them more.  Now, you need to know that it was commonplace for neighboring restaurants/bars to be friends and help each other out if they ran out of something that wouldn’t typically be used, and then get it replaced the next day when the stores are open. I gave the tuxedo’ed hottie a bottle of citrus vodka and he quickly bound back down the stairs and directly across the street.

That’s how we met. But of course that isn’t the end of the story.

I noticed that the tuxedo’ed guy and the manager of the cigar bar, Brian, were friendly, so I asked Brian about Tux. I learned his name was Dan and he was the manager of the fancy Italian restaurant across the street. Dan started coming into the cigar bar, which was notable, because he didn’t smoke – and, again, he was young (or least I thought 😉 ) and hot, so he stood out in the crowd. We would talk while I was serving him, he always sat in my section, and when he would come in would be the best part of my night.

After a couple of months of us talking at the cigar bar while I was working, I invited Dan to go to a Halloween party with me – that same night. It was a costume party, but he went without a costume, no problem, and ended up knowing more people at the party than I did. We had so much fun together on that unconventional first date – it truly set the stage for the rest of our relationship.

Now it’s over 10 years later and we’re still having just as much fun together!