April 22nd – This morning Zio Tonino and Pasquale picked us up

and we went to the church where Dan’s parents got married, May 11th 1971. It was heart-warming. Dan’s sister Philomena said it best – “where it all began”. Pasquale told me a story about how he worked around the corner and word got around town that there was going to be a “doppio matrimonio” – Pasquale and his best friend Pasquale married sisters, Elisa and Anna, respectively. No one had double weddings so it was a big deal and the town came out to see. It was awesome to stand there and think about the small room being packed with people to see my husband’s parents get married almost 44 years ago. So amazing. I am so thankful to Zio Tonino for taking us there.

After the church Dan and I were supposed to get a pizza making lesson which the hotel set up for us. We were really excited because we got a wood-fired pizza oven for the side yard so we need to learn how to make the dough. We got to the restaurant and the people were rude. I, of course, was annoyed by it, but was willing to get over it because we really do need a pizza lesson. Then they told us we weren’t actually making the dough – we were just putting together pizzas and putting them in the oven. Dan tried to talk to them about it, but it was obvious we weren’t wanted there so we left, very disappointed.

The disappointment didn’t last long because we are now in beautiful Capri! It reminds me a lot of Catalina Island (off the coast of LA – see our roadtrip blog) but different in so many ways. We spent some time today exploring the island until our feet were sore and our legs couldn’t hold us up anymore. We’re now in our room, on the balcony, enjoying the view with a bottle of delicious, cheap red wine. I wish you were here to have a glass with us!!!

While we were waiting to be picked up, I was mistaken for a local! A woman came up to me and started rambling off in Italian, I disappointingly had to tell her I only spoke English, she said, “So you’re not from here? OK – Bye!” Dan and I said we wanted to try to blend in and look Italian, not like tourists, so I think we’re doing a good job of that!

Dan is like a unicorn here. They hear him speak Neapolitan but know that something isn’t quite right. When they find out he is an American who speaks Neapolitan, they are so intrigued and want to be friends right away. Of course, Dan is Mr. Popular! He got to talking with a girl at the ChipStar (french fry stand) – her shirt was of a CareBear and said “I’m grumpy!” He asked her if she knew what it meant and she thought it was “I’m hungry!” We explained to her what it was and she looked so disappointed. I told Dan to tell her, “well, you know, when you get hungry, you get grumpy so you were close!” She liked that! She went in the back and got her co-worker friend and they agreed “Que Bello!” Damn straight!! My Italiano Americano is malto bello! They could have talked to Dan for hours on end about the United States and teaching them English words.

Dan has even exchanged numbers with some locals and have been texting through What’s App. Too funny!!