April 24 – Sunday April 26 – Sorrento!!

When we were in the Philadelphia airport on the way to Italy, we found out through Adam that Dan’s childhood friend Pat and his wife Val were going to be in Sorrento at the same time as us! How crazy, right?? As soon as we settled in to our room in Sorrento, we caught up with Pat & Val for a drink – so much fun!

On Saturday we met some “extended family” who live in Sorrento. OK – try to follow this – It’s Dan’s Mom’s sister’s (Zia Susy) husband’s (Zio Bruno) sister Patricia and her lovely family, husband Enzo, son Francesco and daughter Valeria. They were so sweet and took us out to a fabulous lunch. Their English was impressive and they were so welcoming and accommodating with making conversation with me. It was really nice to get to meet them and talk with them. Later that night we all met up again, with Pat & Val and we went to dinner to see Valeria sing at the restaurant. The band was great! Dan even got to be a guest drummer!! The next day, Sunday, Dan and I rented a boat and took a scenic tour from Sorrento to Positano and back to Sorrento where we picked up Pat & Val from the Marina Piccola; they joined us on the boat for the second half of the day. We all went back to our rooms, cleaned up real nice and went out to the most amazing dinner of my life.

Not long ago, Dan and I were at our friend Tom’s house for our weekly Sunday night home-cooked dinner. We had Netflix on and caught an TV show from BBC where the host was touring Italy; we saw a place called Don Alfonso 1890 which they said was in Sorrento. I looked it up and it was actually in a little town called Sant’Agata. Coincidentally when we met with Enzo (Dan’s Zio Bruno’s brother-in-law) we had some time to kill before lunch so he told us to take the scooter to Sant’Agata. I didn’t say anything to Dan, but I knew that’s where Don Alfonso was so I kept an eye out. Sure enough, we passed it on the scooter! We stopped and checked it out and met Maurizio, one of the servers there. He was very nice and welcoming and we knew we had to go back for dinner. The next night, after the boat ride, Pat, Val, Dan and I all took a cab to the 3 Michelin Star restaurant. I highly recommend it to anyone who it in the area. The food was amazing and they made us feel so welcome. We got a private tour of the kitchen from the Chef and we also got a tour of the 2700 year old tunnel where they keep the 22,000 bottles of wine and age their own delicious provolone cheese 35 feet underground. It was something really special.

Sorrento was a really great time, especially because we got to share it with Pat & Val. We were sad to have to leave each other, but as Val said, “We’ll always have Sorrento…”