Meet Carolina Rose

Our Home on Wheels

Meet Carolina Rose – Our Home on Wheels

When we first decided we were going to buy an RV, we knew we had to start by going over our personal priorities and lifestyle goals in order to narrow down what exactly we were looking for.  There are a plethora of RVs available, a truly endless amount when you consider a DIY conversion. If you are thinking about purchasing an RV, the decisions we made may not be the right decisions for you.  This is a very personal and important purchase, so be honest with yourself about what you want from your RV and make the best decisions for yourself based on your circumstances.

We loved the idea of a custom conversion, but we didn’t want to put the time and energy into a DIY version.  I really loved some of the custom conversions from professional companies, but the options we liked were out of our price range.

Once we decided we were going to get an already converted RV,
there were other priorities we had:


  • Self-driving – meaning it does not get towed
  • Compact – we won’t be held back by its size
  • Bathroom – it has a toilet
  • Kitchen – stove, fridge, sink
  • Air Conditioning – a second air conditioning unit for the cabin
  • Privacy – black out shades on the windows
In addition to the main priorities,
there were some important “wants”:


  • Passengers – can fit more than 2 people
  • Upgraded fridge – something better/more than just the regular college dorm style fridge
  • Comfort – Arm rests on both driver & passenger seats
  • Privacy – a separation curtain between cockpit and cabin